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Texan Inertia Gatherer Cookbook

Pecan crackers help take the work out of cracking and shelling pecans.  Everyone loves the taste of freshly shelled pecans.  Pecans and nuts also offer numerous health benefits.  Let one of our pecan crackers help you shell more pecans in less time.

We offer several types of pecan crackers:

Texan York Nutsheller The Texan "York" Nut Sheller is an inexpensive handheld cracker and sheller.  The patented Texan operates by means of a pliers-type handle, with sharp teeth to bite off the ends and sides of the nut, producing perfect halves.
Inertia rubber band pecan cracker The Inertia Nut Cracker is rubber band powered.  It cracks soft shell nuts with ease and is made from the finest red oak and aluminum.
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