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Dynamic Electric Pecan Cracker

The Dynamic electric pecan cracker makes it easy to crack pecans.  This solenoid operated electric nut cracker is great for Pecans, English walnuts, Brazil nuts and more.  Dynamic Nutcrackers' have a patented switch tripping shield arrangement that allows for fast feeding and cracking without over cracking and crushing kernels. It is designed for paper shell pecans and soft nuts.  One machine cracks all and there's nothing to adjust.

This electric pecan cracker is great for elderly folks who love pecans but are unable to crack them with manual crackers.

Dynamic electric pecan cracker


How It Works

The Dynamic cracks one pecan at a time.  You place a pecan in the cracking compartment and slide the shield in place.  This triggers the electric cracking mechanism.  Slide the shield back to remove the cracked pecan.  That's it.  Very simple.  The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty.  The cracker weighs 6 pounds.


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